Olbers' Paradox

by Klusters

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Prologue 04:14
Lightning's somewhere Please bring me there Burnt out cold Sun Colours calmed down Louring sky soothes Steamy wind blows Torrential force Endless cloud falls Shadows lose hold on me As star blaze turns grey Thoughts fade away I know this feeling, it's real Illusive dreams Opened my eyes to life My world's undone I need someone to be mine
Brainstorm 04:04
Walking down a crowded street My feet show me the way to somewhere How could I get there? I will be late so I should run But why are my legs slowing down? I felt I need some company But familiar strangers passed me Why do my friends behave unfriendly? Enough is enough, I'm done Now let me have some fun When it's time for my brain to reign It starts to play with my senses A game of reminiscences And I can find what I want I am the one who can hide So take me away, fly me high I would love to hold his hand Until now he has never touched me Guide him through my magic land There's so much to see, we must hurry He won't always be mine I cant stay here It's just a matter of time He will disappear As the morning sun comes I will lose this life I hope I see what's gone When I close my eyes No one stops you, get what you want and What you think now say it out loud It's time to fly as high as you can then Fall down to the ground from a cloud You can simply switch off the hot Sun Don't bother about UFOs If you want to take aback someone Shake hands with your evilest foes You can have the final word when you Have an argument with a friend If you're fed up with the world's mess just Leave and find an empty island Recreate the unrepeatable You can do all this, don't be blind Everyone can see miracles It only depends on your own mind
Depths 03:45
Racing observations run I'm waiting for the last result to Instruct and take action See the clock how it drops behind All my time is given on trust I'll have to redeem it somehow Is there any chance to write off The most loved sort of Things you believed in all lifelong? Will there be somebody To guide me from Infinite circling without a pause? Each touch been felt Each love's till ended Before the first glimpse Of two strangers' eyes And after a time It's hard to realise Each step I have taken They've not yet been on my mind I can't be aware enough When I'm dreaming of her To not fall in love Fading thoughts, subconscious moves I never thought that I could lose But it's safer than ever Perceptions late, my senses failed I'm all confused, I would explain You'll hear but won't listen The world at night turns inside out It's black and white here in my mind I can't be aware enough When I'm dreaming of her To not fall in love
Multiverse 06:04
Choose your universe Don't waste time Choose your universe Be the guide Choose your universe Find your life Choose your universe I found mine
There is something inside me Since I first met you I can't explain this feeling It's not just love, it's something new I haven't understood yet But after I kissed you Now I have to say that What I felt was deja vu We will live forever, won't we? What's the end of our story? I know you, I know you know me too That secret will desecrate you Tell me how did we get so close Through the abyss of time, because I know you, I know you know me too That secret will desecrate you There is something inside me When I look into your eyes I can't release this feeling Thinking leads but the heart declines My thoughts could fill an ocean And doubts feed the breeze When waves crash emotions Diving sets my mind at ease
Even though an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm Is installed on my system core And I have got many highly rated encyclopaedias To define the word itself I do not have the ability to recreate a thing like a dream Or a lucid dream, as you called it in the morning I have got a nearly limitless memory unit to archive All I see, I hear, I detect And I made recordings of your brain activity last night, Then I converted it to a parallel projection Onto a certain memory block But the result is useless. My comparisons show that the application and Device suite installed into me Only corresponds with a person's consciousness But it is not able to correctly simulate the subconscious Nor the emotions as it follows If the subconscious makes the human life easier It is a great application Am I right?
Fears, go away Dreams, find the way and leave me I'm done with the past, Now the present's in a hurry The meaning of life seems to be easy But lonely it wouldn't be Time flies away Dreams, find the way and be free I want to relive everything really A gloomy dawn The smell of hot coffee I will do, now with you What you think will rise to a real thing Consciousness controls the feeling Clear your mind and rewrite Clear all what's inside There is no time to take notes in your trip You ought to float by in your spaceship Clear your mind and rewrite Clear all, that's alright
You can see the past Between the stars But it's a quest for the darkness Instead of the flares
Final Flash 04:49
Stargazing I am lost in thoughts Now I see We are on the right path Gravity does what I cannot World's come to its end at last Constellations start to stretch All red giants turn to blue As light beams slew It seems untrue It'll be my only chance To get closer to you And everything What I'm missing Is it fantasy or reality? A spiral galaxy flew by It's like an eye that you keep on me Where black holes eat all dying stars Constellations start to stretch All red giants turn to blue As lightbeams slew It seems untrue It will be my only chance To get closer to you And everything What I'm missing Reversed time revives the past To one last breath I'll get home You are not alone Just hold on Together we will find the storm And watch the blow at the end Bright final flash It's blessedness


Olbers' Paradox is the debut album of the electronic act Klusters. It was released on 05.01.15. It is a concept album based on questions about the connection between the self and its subconsciousness, dreams, love and destiny. Musically it includes elements of contemporary pop, electronica and psychedelic rock.


released January 5, 2015

All songs and lyrics were written by Klusters.

Balazs Barcsa:
programming, arrangements
vocals, guitars, bassguitar, synthesisers, piano,
samples, drum machines

Huba Taksony Juhasz:
programming, arrangements
drums, percussions, drum machines, synthesizers,
samples, timpani, glockenspiel

Malla Kozaroczy:
vocals, backing vocals


all rights reserved



Klusters Budapest, Hungary

Klusters are a Budapest based electronic pop duo. Their debut album - Olbers' Paradox - is just out now!


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